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Anonymous: okay thank you:-) should i start off getting rid of snacks and stuff, then start having smaller meal portions? xx

in my opinion, i would start with making your meals a bit smaller. because snacks are important to me and i don’t go crazy with them. 

BUT, if you think your snacking is a bit excessive, then go with that first. 

but to be real, i will never take out snacks! but then again, my meals are the size of a small snack now haha

Anonymous: would it be possible to help me please?:-) i would like to loose a bit of weight before summer because i feel really rubbish about myself right now :/ but i dont have the will power to completely go on a diet/cut out meals, so would it work if i just solwly started cutting back? x

of course it would help! anything helps, really. just the little things will add up! xx